Brands That Assure Quality for Your Every Hotel Need

From luxurious Hotels to budget establishments for price conscious guests; for a leisure stay for the whole family or for a Hotel to accommodate your business meetings or events, brands under MORO Global Hotels are designed and engineered to cover all of your requirements and needs for a quality Hotel stay.


First Point, the 1st brand, remains one of our company’s most cherished accomplishments. Featuring one of the largest collections of guest rooms in our company’s line-up of Hotels, complemented with facilities like meeting rooms, International restaurant, ballroom, and more, this brand has transformed into one of the leading Hotels in the city. In its conception, these pioneering Hotels were built around the concept that it's the first Point where to start your journey, regardless if it's for business, religious purpose or as a tourist. Our Logo represents the first letters of the name done in such a way to represent its origin with a Saudi touch which is clearly spotted on the logo as taken from the KSA National Flag. The success of this brand inspires us to expand the other brands, with Hotels under different names opening in various other major cities across the Middle East and North Africa...

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LeProtel is currently the unique establishment under this brand, with more soon to open in other places as well. In any place bearing this brand, guests can always expect quality service and facilities complemented with modern aesthetics, designs, and atmosphere, all for a stay that simply satisfies. With the success of the 1st Hotel under the LeProtel brand, this brand continues to enjoy rapid expansion under the management of our company with the opening of various other Hotels. Featuring affordability encased in stylish and modern-looking establishments, Hotels under the LeProtel brand can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, especially price-conscious guests who put great value offer above all else. Expect to see Hotels under this brand opening in various other locations in Middle East, North Africa, serving as the location where this brand will expand in the closest immediate future.

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Memorial is the Hotel that served as the embryo as our company and it has and still is one of the most successful Hotels that we manage, proving the concept of “quality with affordability” is something that resonates with the needs and requirements of many types of guests. The success of this Hotel sparked our effort in expanding and supporting the brand into numerous other Hotels in various locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As of now, the Memorial brand is used in Mecca, with many more Hotels to follow. The brand is also expanded with “Grand Memorial”, a more luxurious type of the brand that however, still offer the same seamless experience of affordability and quality.

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Desert Home Resorts is dedicated to providing exceptional service in unique and sophisticated environments. The Brand places a strong emphasis on providing Local-influenced hospitality and its inimitably warm and gracious service style across all of its Resorts, whilst embracing, and maintaining a sense of place in, the local environment of each property and resort. The Beginning of Desert Home Resorts In 2015 , Moro Global the Main mother hotel management Company formed Desert Home Resorts Brand and opened its first property, a 4-star Resort, located in the sea site, The Cornish of Jeddah, this property is now seen as one of Jeddah’s premier Resorts. From this early start, the group expanded to major tourist destinations throughout KSA, establishing a network of 4 and 3 stars Resorts under the same brand. In June 2016, in recognition of the need to establish a strong identity of its own, Moro Global decided to rebrand the 3 starts Resorts, to Desert Home Resorts and the 4 stars to Desert Home Grand Resorts. Desert Home Resorts is always working to find innovative ways to provide more environmentally-friendly and sustainable operational activities. As part of the overall Desert Home Resorts values, there is a strong framework of sustainable initiatives that each property adheres to and which have been recognized by many achievements. As we spread our wings around the world, our commitment to the careful location of each and every one of our locations is vital. While there is certainly no dearth of desirable destinations, selection is key, as our drive to create immersive, inspiring hotel experiences.

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MORO Global Brands’ DNA

Our identity, our core values, our DNA: everything that make up the company that is MORO Global Brands. These are the fundamental concepts that form the shape of our business and the basis for the identity of our whole company.


To become one of the stars that can make us proud for being a part of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hospitality.


  • Our People are the biggest asset of our company and we will take care of them.
  • Our Guest is our Friend and we don't want to let them down.
  • Our Share Holder is our Partner and we will make sure to keep their Trust.


These are the elements that make up the identity and core DNA of MORO Global Hotels:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY We take responsibility for and committed in the financial success for our business partners and stakeholders. Always accountable to a code of ethics derived from each member of the staff.
  • UNIQUE Our brands are the foundations of our entire company, and our services are engineered to complement the existence of our brands. Combined together, they can give our guest the experience that is uniquely MORO Global Hotels.
  • KNOWLEDGE We believe that world continues to grow and develop beyond boundaries: MORO Global is a company with a very strong focus in the effort to always learning while implementing the integration of Information Technology to all the aspects of our business strategies
  • GIVING We understand that we are a part of the community and thus we are committed to continually do the appropriate, responsible, and focused Social Responsibilities programs. We are striving to always give back to those who give so much to us in return.
  • MEANINGFUL We instrument our people with down-to-earth philosophy when answering the needs of our guests, and the focus of our strategy is people. Such philosophy and focus empower us to always meeting the requirements of our guests and exceeding their every expectation