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Desert Home Resorts is dedicated to providing exceptional service in unique and sophisticated environments. The Brand places a strong emphasis on providing Local-influenced hospitality and its inimitably warm and gracious service style across all of its Resorts , whilst embracing, and maintaining a sense of place in, the local environment of each property and resort.

The Beginning of Desert Home Resorts

In 2015 , Moro Global the Main mother hotel management Company formed Desert Home Resorts Brand and opened its first property, a 4-star Resort, located in the sea site, The Cornish of Jeddah, this property is now seen as one of Jeddah’s premier Resorts.

From this early start, the group expanded to major tourist destinations throughout KSA, establishing a network of 4 and 3 stars Resorts under the same brand.

In June 2016, in recognition of the need to establish a strong identity of its own, Moro Global decided to rebrand the 3 starts Resorts, to Desert Home Resorts and the 4 stars to Desert Home Grand Resorts. Desert Home Brand is expending in the Local Market as well as additional new markets including Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Turkey

What does the immediate future hold?

The long anticipated launch of Desert Home, will take place expected in October 2018 with the opening of the 51 Villas in Riyadh, this Resort is an affordable lifestyle will provide guests with an experience that’s reassuringly familiar yet distinguished by its location and local culture. Guests will always be connected as the brand will ensure that each guestroom is equipped with the necessary connections for guests to plug in their laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

Desert Home Resorts expects to have more properties operating in the Makkah, Al Oula, by early 2018. Families are a vital component to the success of Desert Home properties and the company prides itself on its ability to ensure that everyone in the family has a truly memorable experience. Desert Home family-orientated properties have a Kids’ Club, which provides a supervised set of activities in a safe and nurturing environment where children are taken care of, whether as part of a single activity or a day program. There are also certain properties that have an E-Zone where teenagers can play games and engage in other activities.

While the children enjoy the Kids’ Club, parents can enjoy the luxury, award winning Spa or take advantage of treatments at the Spas, which are Desert Home’s own spa brands. The Spa creates an experience for guests that take them on a holistic journey using traditional different types of therapies, with an innovative touch that provides an escape for busy travellers who are looking to unwind.

Corporate and leisure travellers find that Desert Home’s Club concept offers a level of product and service that make a stay even more enjoyable and memorable. Within the Club rooms, the level of furnishings and special amenities offer that little extra something. Complementing the rooms and suites is the exclusive Club Lounge, a haven for relaxation and a full-service workstation combined with a Business Centre and plenty of privacy.

With Desert Home’s loyalty program, members earn points when staying at designated properties in our network, as well as when dining at Desert Home’s fabulous array of restaurant outlets, or indulging at the spa facilities. The points are then redeemed for free room nights at Desert Home’s Resorts, with no blackout periods, throughout the year. Members also receive a guaranteed 10% off on all their bills.

Desert Home Resorts is always working to find innovative ways to provide more environmentally-friendly and sustainable operational activities. As part of the overall Desert Home Resorts values, there is a strong framework of sustainable initiatives that each property adheres to and which have been recognized by many achievements.

As we spread our wings around the world, our commitment to the careful location of each and every one of our locations is vital. While there is certainly no dearth of desirable destinations, selection is key, as our drive to create immersive, inspiring hotel experiences. Wherever global travelers roam with their diverse interests, Desert Home Resorts spring their wings from our locales eco-luxury, adventure, cultural discovery, community interaction—we’ll be there to welcome them.

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