Memorial Brands



Slogan “Your Comfort is our Priority”

More than just rooms or restaurants, Memorial Hotel is a place where you can enjoy remarkable experiences and revel in new encounters, a real urban hideaway which is beautiful, modern and full of life as well as being homely, warm and happy.

Design, mix of local culture and modernity, strong personality: shake and stir to get a collection of hotels in a unique style, Memorial Brand. A brand loved as much by families and groups as by people traveling alone, where everything is included in the price.

A brand with the spirit of conquest

It's an ambitious goal: Memorial Styles is growing mainly as a franchise operation in Middle East, and mostly as a management contract operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its dynamic deployment is continuing in KSA and gaining ground in the Middle East, where local and international travelers are not insensitive to its strong personality!

Economy hotels with distinctive designs

Overturning the conventions of the economy hotel segment, Memorial Brand puts diversity and design at the core of its commercial proposition. Guests are increasingly sensitive to the esthetics of a place and to the sensations stirred by design elements: they expect more than just “accommodation”. The brand's distinctive touch is a blend of place and service together with its original, sparkling personality have succeeded in creating a unique, modern and resolutely upbeat atmosphere!

A 100% family-friendly brand

The “all-inclusive” offer from Memorial Brand naturally appeals to families looking for simplicity and good deals. This generous brand also shows its commitment to families with its Family Pack. The strength of the Brand is built on its meaning.

Memorial hotels are the non-standardized brand, provides “all-inclusive” deals, and each of its hotels is brimming with distinct class. Memorial Hotel provides all the comfort essentials at affordable prices with smart, budget-friendly deals. And, alongside Memorial Brand provides well-being guaranteed, at a price you can’t beat.

The teams at Memorial Hotels are currently fine-tuning their new Service Spirit, which will cement the leadership that these hotels have built in their market segment. The goal is to kick-start a reshuffle in the hospitality sector by setting new service benchmarks.